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Data Physics, Lansmont and Team are in the business of measuring, simulating and analyzing the effects of vibration, noise, shock, and other environmental variables for the benefit of our industry customers. Our combined capabilities and expertise elevate our position as a leading global provider of test and measurement solutions. 

Data Physics has pioneered high performance vibration control and analysis processes to the noise and vibration community since 1984. Data Physics is a leading provider of comprehensive vibration applications, offering a complete range of Electrodynamic Shakers including both air cooled and water cooled systems, Vibration Controllers and Dynamic Signal Analyzers. 

Lansmont provides Field-to-Lab® Solutions to optimize products, packaging and profits for the world’s largest manufacturers, government laboratories, and educational institutions. Our products measure real world dynamics and simulate them in laboratory environments. Strategic use of our technologies reduces risk, increases knowledge, and eliminates uncertainty in the product design and transport packaging environment.

 Team supplies high performance hydraulic vibration systems, utilizing high frequency servo valves, low noise hydrostatic bearings and couplings that offer unparalleled performance. Team has many vibration testing solutions, from complete single axis and multi axis vibration test systems to components and accessories to enhance improve or upgrade existing test equipment.


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