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Established in 1957, IMV Corporation has nearly 60 years’ experience and specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of multi axis shaker solutions.

This Japanese provides vibration test systems and services globally, with facilities in Anaheim, California. IMV has almost 60% of the market share in Japan and is continuously expanding with substantial investments into overseas markets. As part of this plan, the company plans to strengthen its ongoing growth strategy in the USA.

IMV, one of few multi axis shaker manufacturers in the world, has two sets of three-axis shakers currently operating in the USA. One of the systems is used in the automotive industry in Michigan and is owned by test house: Spectrum Technologies. The system is able to test with simultaneous excitation across all three axes. The shaker combines three electrodynamic (ED) shakers assembled at right angles to each other, accurately interconnected by an ICCU (integrated cross-coupling bearing unit),

and supports a vibration table on top. This provides precise excitation at a high frequency up to 2,000Hz, while hydraulic systems typically provide excitation at up to 150Hz. This unique system was developed with the needs of leading Japanese companies in mind.

The company is now offering this unique piece of equipment to the U.S. market. The IMV system offers several advantages in testing. The multi-axis shaker has around 4,400 lbf (sine) and about 3,000 lbf (random) per axis. The frequency range has been found to be from 1Hz to 2,000Hz, with 5Hz being the effective low test frequency with 2in stroke shakers.


Offering more realistic vibration, the 6DOF electrodynamic vibration test system is being developed to meet the strong demand for multi-axis shakers. This system uses long stroke electrodynamic shaker and hydraulic spherical bearing, therefore, frequency range is higher than servo hydraulic 6DOF system, and the accuracy of acceleration waveform reproduction is better too. Advantages include easily controllable characteristic, short preparation time, easy maintenance and low power consumption.

In Japan, many 6DOF electrodynamic vibration test systems units are installed and used for the endurance testing of construction machine parts and automobile parts, on the real acceleration waveform condition. In some case, the size of the specimen is over 2m and mass of specimen is over 2ton. Required peak acceleration is over 10G. This is similar to  the hydraulic 6DOF system performance.

At ESTECH 2017, Mr. Katsuhiko, a manager of IMV Advanced Technology Research Laboratory will talk about “6 degree of freedom electrodynamic vibration test system” in Environmental Test (DTE/PR) conference sessions.



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