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IMV was established in 1957 and specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality and highly reliable Japanese environmental testing products used in a variety of applications including: Industrial, Automotive, Aviation, Seismic and Package products. IMV shakers’ range from 67lbf to 79,000lbf in single, multi-axis, 4-post to 6-DOF configurations.

In addition to standard dynamic simulation systems, IMV also produces chamber combined shaker systems capable of vibration testing in a wide variety of temperature and humidity conditions. In the measurement system’s field, IMV offers seismic monitoring systems, large-scale vibration monitoring systems, and portable vibration systems.

IMV has launched K350 shaker, the latest model of large type of water cooled vibration test system for high-level vibration and shock testing required by the aerospace industry. K350, one of the products in our K-series line-ups, is used for durability and reliability testing in artificial satellite products for the aerospace industry.

This shaker has 3-inch peak-peak stroke (76.2mm) and high frequency up to 2000 Hz (up to 3000Hz in case of not loaded) with “World Largest Class” rated force (350kN) without lowering resonance frequency, a specification that can enlarge the testing scope and responds to increasing of demand for higher test specifications. In addition this shaker can perform a maximum of 3.5 m/s shock velocity testing which cannot be done in conventional shaker. It is also possible to perform SINE weep test at 100% excitation force.

Specific breakthrough performance is as follows:

l  Frequency range: DC~2000 Hz (No load ~3000 Hz)

l  Resonance frequency: 1320 Hz

l  Max force: Sine: 350kN, Random: 315kN rms, Shock: 700kN peak

l  Max Acceleration: Sine 1,000 m/s2 (80% capacity recommended for durability test) , Random : 700m/s2 rms, Shock : 2000 m/s2 peak

l  Max Velocity: Sine 2 m/s, Shock: 3.5 m/s peak (field currency at 560A)

l  Max Displacement: Sine: 76.2mm p-p, Mechanical stroke: 94mmp-p

l  Max. Load: 3,000kg

l  Power requirement: 420kVA

In recent years, we have evolved beyond the framework of a typical manufacturer to focus on internationally-respected testing and solutions services.

With our slogan “Secure the Future”, IMV contributes to the creation of a safe, comfortable society.

Contact Person: Mr. Shinichi Hirokawa
Telephone: 323-708-9242
Street Address: 972 Junipero Dr., Costa Mesa, CA 92626