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Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) has over 73 years of industry experience in designing and manufacturing standard and custom-designed environmental test chambers including:
  • Temperature Cycling Chambers
  • Temperature & Humidity Chambers
  • Stability Chambers
  • Thermal Shock Chambers, Air and Liquid
  • Altitude Chambers & Rapid Decompression Chambers
  • HALT and HASS Chambers
  • Stress Screening Systems
  • Combined Temperature/Humidity and Vibration Chambers
  • Low Temperature Freezers
  • Custom Liquid Chillers
  • Sand & Dust Chambers
  • Other Custom Systems
Test chamber sizes range from small benchtop chambers to full walk-in/drive-in rooms. Temperatures range from -80°C to +190°C with humidity ranges from 10% to 98% RH. CSZ has served the automotive market by providing quality test chambers for a variety of test applications including lithium ion batteries to full vehicle testing.

CSZ’s patented Tundra® or Tundra II refrigeration system is ideal for customers testing their product down to -40°C or -54°C. Operating costs are reduced compared to cascade refrigeration systems since there is only one compressor now needed to run temperatures as cold as -45°C or -54°C. Operating cost savings up to 54% have been documented.

Our testing division, CSZ Testing Services, is an A2LA Accredited test laboratory providing environmental simulation testing for shock, vibration, temperature cycling, humidity, thermal shock, altitude, corrosion testing and more with locations in Cincinnati, OH and Sterling Heights, MI. Visit for more information.

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